Enterprise print management solutions

In today’s dynamic environment, our team will help you implement enterprise print management solutions that help you more accurately estimate the future costs of printing documents and graphics by department and employee, drastically reduce service and maintenance time, and last but not least – to protect the information and documents in your organization from external unauthorized attacks.

Optimize printing processes by scaling your environment as your business grows. The contract offered by CNSYS for 1, 2, 3 or 5 years are a flexible and economically optimal framework for using the printing service based on your monthly consumption, complete with on-site service and support.

How to estimate your printing costs and save?

    3 most important advantages

    • Predictability of printing costs

      With managed printing services from CNSYS, you will have transparency on your printing costs as you receive a detailed report on the copies made on a weekly or monthly basis. Additional management software tools guarantee you a consistent internal print control policy with the ability to define cost centers by department, team or functional unit and set various service usage parameters.

    • Guaranteed continuity of work

      With the help of integrated software for automated remote monitoring of active devices in your organization, you can be sure that your printers will never stop due to a lack of supplies. Delivery is automated and always on time. There is no need to keep in stock consumables, the value of which, in some cases, is considerable.

    • Guaranteed service and support

      As an authorized HP service partner, we will be with you throughout the process from consultation to implementation, management and subsequent optimization of the printing infrastructure.

      Our service organization will provide the required service level (SLA) on site, meeting the highest global standards and your specific needs.


    • Impressive print service

      with the latest generations of HP Inc business printers and multifunction devices that provide the highest class of performance and security. Designed to meet any business challenge!

    • HP Access Control

      Secure and convenient authentication of access to print devices through a variety of options, including HP device proximity card readers, PIC / PIN codes, smart cards to protect and prevent unauthorized use.

    • HP Access Control Mobile Release

      Higher productivity and cost optimization by reducing the number of unconfirmed print requests and enabling mobile employees to authenticate and release print jobs while on the go.

    • HP Jetadvantage Security Manager

      The best software solution for protecting the print environment available on the market, which optimizes security by introducing a single policy for the management and control of printing processes.

      Together we will adjust the provided standardized templates to your individual needs and requirements.

    • JetAdvice Manager

      If information about how many printers you own, where they are located, who uses them and, last but not least, how much they print, is incomplete or missing, our software solution provides you with automated inventory and control of your installed print base. Summary references are kept up-to-date regardless of current physical relocations.

    • Specialized service and support

      Our team is certified for design, delivery and on-site support of specialized HP MPS solutions throughout the country. CNSYS has a service team in 7 cities and can provide 24×7 support for business critical printing tasks.


    CNSYS is a direct partner and authorized service provider of the world leader HP Inc.

    HP Amplify Power Services Partner

    Why you should choose CNSYS

    6 advantages of our company
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      IT technologies at one place

      CNSYS is a systems integrator that can take responsibility for all aspects of your IT environment, including hardware, networks, software systems, as well as management, security and support.

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      Direct partnership with the best

      Since 1998, CNSYS has been a direct partner and authorized service provider of the world’s leading manufacturers of IT technologies and software with the highest levels of specialization and certifications.

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      Many years of proven experience

      For 25 years of successful work on the Bulgarian market, we have gained extensive experience in the supply and adaptation of a wide range of technologies and software applications.

    • conversations-4872_af60b258-251e-41af-b238-dfb706d7b3d4

      Understanding and support towards your challenges

      Our team is a trusted IT consultant and integrator of more than 1000 different organizations in Bulgaria and knows the IT problems of every business, no matter how big it is!
      Therefore, we can provide a quick and competent response to any of your inquiries.

    • customer-service-24-cnsys

      Reliable support and service

      Our support organization is certified according to the ISO 20000-1 standard for service management and is one of the largest in Bulgaria. You can count on 24×7 technical support and advice provided by competent service specialists with proven experience throughout the country.

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      Quality guarantee

      We use a quality management system certified to the ISO 9001 standard, which is subject to annual review and development by an external accredited organization. All activities related to information processing are under the control and management of procedures certified according to the information security standard ISO 27001.

    We can always select the most appropriate global technology for your specific local needs.