Cybersecurity solutions

In recent decades, the normal functioning of societies, businesses, and even governments has become highly reliant on the smooth operation of critical information infrastructures, interconnected information networks, and digital services.

Public registries, healthcare, financial services, transportation, communications, e-commerce, and many other sectors depend on the reliability, integrity, and confidentiality of information.

Incidents related to disruptions, breaches, or destruction of critical infrastructures and IT services would have severe negative impacts on society’s functioning and the economy.

Therefore, when discussing cybersecurity solutions, we encounter one of the most serious and crucial challenges of the 21st century, affecting all levels of society.

„Simply put, it is possible to have convenience if you want to tolerate insecurity, but if you want security, you must be prepared for inconvenience.“

Gen. Benjamin Chidlaw (1954)

  • Cyber attacks – potential problems

    At the individual level, a cyber attack can lead to identity theft, extortion, or loss of personal data, resulting in potential financial and societal issues.

    At the organizational level, a cyber attack or a series of attacks can result in the exposure of critical data, damage to reputation, actual financial penalties, losses, and even legal consequences.

  • Cybersecurity – strategy and best practices

    Cybersecurity comprises a complex set of solutions in which people, processes, and technologies mutually complement each other to ensure and maintain effective protection of resources against cyber attacks and threats. In this manner, networks, servers, data, information systems, mobile devices, computers, and software are safeguarded. A successful cybersecurity approach is multi-layered and should be implemented and utilized throughout the entire organization, potentially imposing requirements on the external environment as well.

  • Cybersecurity solutions by CNSYS

    We believe that every organization should plan and implement an appropriate cybersecurity solution tailored to the specifics of their digital assets. Our team focuses on the technologies of these global leaders, where we can develop and deploy high-quality and effective protection systems. The Cybersecurity domain is extremely complex and intricate, requiring in-depth specialization to ensure optimal quality.


  • Information Security with IBM Security Technology Portfolio

    Leveraging IBM Security information and event management (SIEM) capabilities, our solutions provide centralized visualization, detection, investigation, and handling of security-related events within your organization. Additionally, we can protect sensitive information through automated detection, classification, monitoring, and cognitive analytics powered by IBM Guardium Data Protection.

  • Optimization and Management with IBM Security Technology Portfolio

    Built on the foundation of IBM Resilient Security Orchestration, Automation, and Response (SOAR), we offer a leading platform with extensive capabilities to streamline your cybersecurity operations. The platform enables orchestration, automation and processing of security-related events, allowing you to optimize your cybersecurity activities effectively.

  • Network Security

    We design and implement network security solutions based on cutting-edge cybersecurity technologies from Cisco Systems, specializing in Secure Access Service Edge (SASE), Extended Detection and Response (XDR), and zero trust. Our services include seamless integration of these technologies with Cisco SecureX – a platform that offers streamlined management, accessibility, and efficiency when working with your organization’s systems.

  • Information Security with Micro Focus Solutions

    We offer specialized solutions in the field of network and information security using products and technologies from Micro Focus’s portfolio.

  • Information Security with WithSecure Solutions

    We provide comprehensive information security solutions with offerings from WithSecure (F-Secure for Business) portfolio. Our services include protection against cyber attacks through a range of cybersecurity solutions from WithSecure, such as Elements EPP, WithSecure Business Suite, WithSecure Endpoint Detection & Response, WithSecure Elements Vulnerability Management, WithSecure Elements Collaboration Protection for Microsoft 365, and more.

  • Information Security with Symantec solutions

    Symantec’s Integrated Cyber Defense (ICD) platform provides comprehensive protection for endpoint security, information security, and network security in both on-premises and cloud infrastructures, tailored to the operational needs of corporate clients.

About Data Center solutions

We partner with a number of global brands

CNSYS is a preferred partner of world leaders in the industry.



6 advantages of our company
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    One Stop Shop for all IT technologies

    CNSYS is a systems integrator that can take responsibility for all aspects of your IT environment, including hardware, networks, software systems, as well as management, security and support.

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    Direct partnership with the best

    Since 1998, CNSYS has been a direct partner and authorized service provider of the world’s leading manufacturers of IT technologies and software with the highest levels of specialization and certifications.

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    Many years of proven experience

    For 25 years of successful work on the Bulgarian market, we have gained extensive experience in the supply and adaptation of a wide range of technologies and software applications.

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    Understanding and support towards your challenges

    Our team is a trusted IT consultant and integrator of more than 1000 different organizations in Bulgaria and knows the IT problems of every business, no matter how big it is!
    Therefore, we can provide a quick and competent response to any of your inquiries.

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    Reliable support and service

    Our support organization is certified according to the ISO 20000-1 standard for service management and is one of the largest in Bulgaria. You can count on 24×7 technical support and advice provided by competent service specialists with proven experience throughout the country.

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    Quality guarantee

    We use a quality management system certified to the ISO 9001 standard, which is subject to annual review and development by an external accredited organization. All activities related to information processing are under the control and management of procedures certified according to the information security standard ISO 27001.

We have the ability to always select the most suitable global technology to address your specific local needs.