A little word about us

We are an authorized service of the leading international manufacturers of computer technology, computer equipment of corporative class and communication network devices.

We offer technical services all over the country and we have service offices in the cities of Sofia, Varna, Burgas, Plovdiv, Stara Zagora, Ruse and Veliko Tarnovo.

The team of our service organization goes through mandatory technical training and certification from the manufacturers we work with, so every engineer has the qualities for the job that they are assigned to. This applies to every office in the country.

Why you should choose an authorized service?

An authorized company has a contract for a service activity, signed directly with the manufacturer of its according product.

The service of an authorized company gives you ensured quality and reliability by strictly following service procedure protocols, set by the manufacturer according to product.

As an authorized service company, CNSYS goes through regular audits by the manufacturer and all service activities are monitored centrally.

We work with original reserve parts, which are bought or provided by the manufacturer of the product, and we provide those parts to authorized services only.

Authorized Service of HP Products

Gaming products

Gaming products

Printers and MFDs

Printers and MFDs

Monitors and accessories

Monitors and accessories

Desktop computers

Desktop computers

CNSYS PLC is an authorized service for products with- and out-of-warranty, manufactured by HP Inc. for office and home appliances.

CNSYS PLC is the only authorized service in Bulgaria that works with HP Pavilion Series products, with- and out-of-warranty.

CNSYS PLC is a direct partner with the highest tier HP Power Services

HP Amplify Power Services Partner

Authorized service of end-user devices manufactured by DELL

CNSYS is an authorized service of all DELL Technology products, with- and out-of-warranty, excluding products with DELL Carry-In warranty.

We also offer corporative warranty service and technical services of computer equipment of corporative class and communication network devices.

CNSYS PLC is a direct partner with highest tier DELL Technology Titanium Partner


Authorized service of Lenovo Think products

CNSYS PLC is a company which provides warranty and out-of-warranty service for

LENOVO THINK products.











CNSYS PLC is a direct partner with Lenovo


Accepting of defective devices in the service network of CNSYS

  1. All devices which are not under a on-site type warranty from the manufacturer, are to be delivered directly to the addresses of the service offices of CNSYS PLC.
  2. The said problematic device can be delivered in person or by using courier services. Transport expenses to any chosen office of CNSYS PLC are to be covered by the Client.
  3. With the objective of avoiding slowing down of the process of repair, and any further damage on the device, it is obligatory to remove or present any passwords set on the device, such as user passwords or hardware encryption.
  4. For a product within warranty, the Client can present, and after repair, receive their product from the manufacturer’s licensed distributor, from which the device was bought (for example, an HP store).
  5. After the device’s arrival at a CNSYS PLC service office, the device is accepted after a preliminary inspection of the device, which is a mandatory, but not satisfactory condition for the full and accurate diagnose scan of the device and the establishment of the device’s technical condition.
  6. Upon the full diagnose scan and inspection by the authorized engineer, it is possible to discover defects unnoticed in the first inspection of the device. That may lead to conclusions and actions different than the ones done at first visual inspection of the device, as well as the denial of warranty service (if the warranty terms are not met).

Mandatory documents required upon delivery for warranty service

  1. All devices that are subject to warranty service must be accompanied with the documents of purchase and the warranty document, as well as a short description of the problems (symptoms that the device shows), a short information sheet about the device and contact information for communication with the Client.
  2. Upon the delivery of a device directly to a CNSYS office, a Service Order is to be filled, which possesses a unique ID number, and is to receive the Client’s signature on paper.

In the order the following is filled:

    1. Contact information (Privacy policy);
    2. Client’s complaint (symptoms of manifested defect);
    3. Technical and product information about the device.
  1. Upon signing the Service Order, the Client agrees that they give in the device, which is used, with signs of usage and that all malfunctions, hidden defects and internal damage, signs of improper use and unauthorized modification, which may be discovered by the diagnostics, have been caused before the time of the device’s delivery for repair.
  2. With the signature of the Service Order, the Client agrees to the Terms of Service of CNSYS PLC for delivery and repair of the device.

Repair service for products in warranty - terms and time limits

  1. The warranty service is conducted by the according warranty terms of the manufacturer of the device under repair.
  2. The deadline for completion of a repair service of a product within warranty is 30 days from the date of advertisement, according to the laws of the Republic of Bulgaria.
  3. For all devices under warranty the diagnostics and repair is free of charge.
  4. The service organization of CNSYS PLC works only with original parts, provided directly from the manufacturer. Therefore, it does not hold any responsibility over the arrival times of spare parts, upon ordering such parts, in the case that these spare parts are not available in the local storage.
  5. On the manufacturer’s decision or the trader’s, it is possible that the device delivered for diagnostics and repair could be replaced instead of repaired.
  6. If the device is to be replaced, the manufacturer does not guarantee that the replacement device is new and unused, but rather guarantees that the device is entirely functional and without defects.
  7. The replacement devices acquire the warranty of the replaced product and that product becomes property of the manufacturer.
  8. According to the terms of some manufacturers, devices which were not manufactured for the European market are not subject to warranty service.

Rejected warranty

  1. The warranty of a device, delivered for diagnostics and repair, can be rejected and removed under the following circumstances:
    • Defects, caused by improper use, such as: marks from mechanical interference or physical damage like electrostatic discharges, hits on the device’s body, exposure to dust, water, drinks, food, usage of power supply outside of the manufacturer’s specifications on the device, and other factors that are out of the accepted limits, as well as product manipulation not descried in the user’s handbook.
    • Repair, conducted by an unauthorized service organization or person.
    • The usage of the product with accessories, chargers, adapters that are not approved by the manufacturer.
    • Usage of unlicensed software or unlicensed modifications of said software.
    • Other circumstances pointed out in the manufacturer’s warranty terms.
  1. Defective peripheral products, which are used with an unoriginal consummative (compatible and refilled), at the ascertainment that this lead to the product’s problem, the warranty will be rejected.
  2. Diagnosing and elimination of hardware defects on products under warranty, where the warranty terms were not met, is not covered up by the warranty and is to be paid for by the Client.
  3. Upon denial of warranty service, the Client is provided a price offer for the elimination of any defects and the repair of a product with the according validity.

Repair service of products with expired warranty or under no manufacturer warranty at all

  1. Repair service under no warranty is conducted under the actual price list of CNSYS PLC.
  2. In the case of unwarranted service, under the need for delivery of spare parts or a product that is done against a price, the Client is to be informed of that by phone or e-mail for the price of such services and the eventual time of arrival.
  3. The order of spare parts is done under the circumstances that the device was delivered for repair at a CNSYS service center or after payment in advance.
  4. The service organization does not oblige to a certain deadline for completion of service for products without or with expired commercial warranty, since it depends on the arrival of spare parts, which is maintained by the according manufacturer.
  5. CNSYS PLC presents 3 months of warranty of the replacement part for HP devices under the following conditions:
    • The device which was returned for a second repair service is not damaged by improper use or any other way which is not covered by the warranty terms.
    • The device for second repair has a defected part which was changed during the previous repair service in the service office.
    • The time of warranty starts at the end date of the repair service, written in a CNSYS service report according to protocol.

Delivery of a device to the end user after a repair service has been conducted

  1. For directly delivered devices in a service office of CNSYS PLC the Client is given their device only after a Service Order was presented.
  2. If there are any parts taxes, services or obligations for unwarranted service, they must be repaid in advance.
  3. Clients who wish to receive their device by a courier service must point out the details of delivery with a representative of the service center.
  4. In the case that a device was not retrieved within 6 months after repair service was finished, the Client agrees that CNSYS PLC has the right to send the product for recycling and does not owe any insurance to the Client.

Obligations of the service organization for communication with the Client

CNSYS PLC is obligated to inform the Client by phone or e-mail:

  • If there is a change in the pre-contracted deadlines for repair;
  • Upon denial of warranty;
  • Upon inability to repair the device due to unnatural circumstances out of the control of the service organization;
  • When the service center requires additional information, related to the elimination of defects that were described by the Client or were diagnosed by the engineers;
  • Upon the completion of repair service and the readiness status of the product to be returned to the Client.

Price and payment terms

All additional services are calculated based on the actual price list of CNSYS to the moment of the conduction of the procedure.

For the finished repair services, a price sheet is issued, which can be paid by bank transfer.

Specific circumstances of service

The Client cannot refuse or cancel a repair service after the service was completed or it’s completion process was started with the agreement of the Client.

The service organization does not hold responsibility for the following:

  1. CNSYS does not hold responsibility over existing information (such as the information on a computer’s storage devices) and over it being saved and archived. The archiving of existing data on a storage device is to be done by the Client.

! Please, if you possess any data which is important for You, inform us about it upon the delivery of the device. In that case the CNSYS specialist who accepts the device can archive your data against an additional payment.

  1. CNSYS does not hold responsibility over unlicensed software which was installed on Client products.
  2. CNSYS does not hold responsibility over damage caused during the transportation of products to the service center.

National service network


Address: 39 Lerin str. Beli brezi 1680 Sofia,  National support line: 0700 16 036
Tel.: (02) 958 36 00, E-mail: support@cnsys.bg,
Working hours: Every working day – from 09:00 to 18:00


Address: 3 Mir str. 9000 Varna,
Tel.: (052) 614418,
E-mail: support_varna@cnsys.bg
Working hours: Every working day – from 09:00 to 18:00

Veliko Tarnovo

Address: 51 Lyuben Karavelov str. 5000 Veliko Tarnovo,
Tel.: (062) 602404,
E-mail: support_velikotyrnovo@cnsys.bg
Working hours: Every working day – from 09:00 to 18:00


Address: 27 Tsarkovna nezavisimost 7000 Ruse,
Tel.: (082) 823256,
E-mail: support_ruse@cnsys.bg
Working hours: Every working day – from 09:00 to 18:00


Address: 105 Bulgaria bul. 4000 Plovdiv,
Tel.: (032) 637863,
E-mail: support_plovdiv@cnsys.bg,
Working hours: Every working day – from 09:00 to 18:00


Address: Shar Planina str., build. 154, entrance B (ground floor), Bratq Miladinovi 8001 Burgas,
Tel.: (056) 811896, E-mail: support_burgas@cnsys.bg
Working hours: Every working day – from 09:00 to 18:00

Stara Zagora

Address: 92 Sv. Otec Paisii str. 6000 Stara Zagora,
Tel.: (042) 623216,
E-mail: support_starazagora@cnsys.bg
Working hours: Every working day – from 09:00 to 18:00