Upgrade and modernization

As technology becomes outdated and needs to be refreshed, software also requires constant development to meet the growing needs of users in an appropriate and secure manner.

Whether it’s about developing in-house software or third-party software solutions, CNSYS has extensive experience in upgrading and updating software to align with modern requirements.

Why is software upgrading necessary?

Although existing systems in your organization have likely served you well over the years, it’s probable that they have started to meet the increasing business demands less effectively over time. The software that should support your organization’s business processes begins to hinder them.

Here we’ve listed just a few reasons that lead to the decision to upgrade and modernize software, and our analysts have the necessary knowledge and experience to advise on various options for bringing software systems in your organization back to the required level.

  • Lack of flexibility

    Even though your old system completely met your organization’s needs when it was first installed, over time, needs and goals have evolved. Old software systems are rarely built with enough flexibility and configurability to keep up with changing requirements—at least not without significant investments and a lot of effort.

  • Security Gaps

    The need to maintain data security is constantly evolving, and compliance measures for specific requirements are increasing. Older systems pose greater risks—they become more vulnerable to data breaches and security breaches.

  • Incompatibility

    Many older software systems are built on technology that is no longer widely used, and often by developers who are no longer with the organization. It frequently happens that when you need to integrate your old systems with newer components and systems, the old technology is incompatible with the new. Workarounds required to achieve desired goals usually aren’t very effective or sustainable.

  • Maintenance Costs

    Over time, older software systems require significant maintenance just to keep functioning. At a certain point, the costs (both in terms of money and time) to maintain the old system start to far exceed the costs of upgrading.

  • Customer and employee dissatisfaction

    When outdated systems slow down internal processes, users start experiencing delays and possibly even errors in execution and communication. The result is decreased trust and negative implications for your business. Simultaneously, when employees spend significant time working with software to perform routine tasks, they have less time and energy for their core responsibilities, and they are less likely to be satisfied with their work.


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Software Upgrades

  • Evolutionary approach

    When upgrading software, we always follow ideas for development, optimization, and improvement of systems, aiming to maximize their utility for the organization to the fullest extent.

  • Preservation of data and logic

    We ensure the preservation of all data and, when necessary, the logic of the upgraded system, to prevent any loss during the project implementation.

  • Modern Technologies

    We employ modern and up-to-date technologies that have been thoroughly researched for their quality and applicability.

  • Elegant, intuitive User Interface

    Our designers make every effort to achieve a highly intuitive and user-friendly graphical user interface.

  • System Integration

    We provide opportunities for integration with internal and external systems in a manner consistent with current best practices at the time of implementation.

  • Consolidation of operations

    We strive to achieve a high degree of process consolidation when upgrading the software.

Some of our clients


At CNSYS, we have developed and implemented software solutions for a variety of government institutions and corporate clients.


National Health Insurance Fund

Register Agency

Администрация на Министерски съвет

Council of Ministers Administration


Ministry of Interior



Why you should choose CNSYS

Several advantages of our company
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    We understand your business

    We recognize the significant impact that the stability of a given software solution has on your business. Our ultimate goal is to consistently make your software as reliable as possible, so that in the end, the only thing you will need is the addition of new features.

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    Swift and efficient responses

    Thanks to our global business model and highly skilled personnel, we are here to support your business every day and at all times. You can always rely on our prompt and effective response to any issue.

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    Established and proven procedures

    CNSYS employs a well-established and effective procedure for reporting and responding to client issues. We have stringent processes for prioritization and resolution based on our Service Level Agreement.

We have the ability to always select the most suitable global technology to address your specific local needs.